90,00 €

Coziest turtleneck you have ever imagined.

You can easily style it with countless outfits and elevate them with a touch of colour. Either you are blonde or brunette. The most impressive feature is how soft it is. That comfort will be the reason why you will always want to choose it against other sweaters from your wardrobe. The thickness of the ribbed roll neck will help you stay warm when you most need it. To give you an idea, the length from neck to waist is 54 cm. We make it short so that you can wear it tucked in inside your high waisted jeans.By the way, the sleeves are sooo long and we love them that way.


Acrylic, Nylon, Wood & Viscose

How to take care of it

You shouldn’t have to wash it too often thanks to its loose fit that avoids stains. We recommend you hand washing it with cold water and without softener (as it’s already super soft). Try not mixing it with brighten colours. The iron must be a bit cold when you iron it.

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